Story behind KX Tree Shears

KX Tree Shears history -video

Kimmo Tossavainen, who once worked in the machine and paper industry, got the idea to develop a tree shear in 2005. The use of wood and twigs as fuel was interesting, and the use of wood for energy creates jobs, and makes money circulate locally. There was a desire to get rid of oil dependence, and there had been discussions about the use of renewable energy wood.

The first guillotine-type tree shear was launched despite the challenges we had to overcome. The product was strong and heavy, but it provided a good basis for doing the work and further development.

As the tree shear was used and the user experience gained, the outlook for the future became clearer. The first generation tree shear served well, but there were ways to further improve the tree shear.

Second generation of tree shear

In 2011, Kimmo launched a more lighter and more efficient, second-generation tree shear. The second-generation tree shear became a breakthrough thanks to its two-cylinder structure.

The second-generation tree shear was a success, but Kimmo didn’t stop there. When using the tree shear, and listening to customer feedback, it was found that usability can further be improved.

“In addition to using tree shears, I am constantly researching mechanics, electricity and hydraulics. The machine industry is a challenging but interesting environment for me. I know the industry and its challenges well, and solving them is close to my heart. ” – Kimmo

Second generation tree shear

Second generation tree shear

An insight into the modular structure

In 2017, Kimmo got an idea for a modular structure and a new kind of tree shear that would be lighter, easier to use and more durable. The idea was to create an even more efficient tree shear in use, also decreasing the damage to the trees that are meant to be left in place.

Modular structure KX-280 Tree Shear

Third generation energy tree shear

The modular structure proved to be a very good solution. The end result was a lightweight tree shear that is very easy to use, is versatile and more efficient. In addition to felling trees, the tree shear can be used for loading and installations.

The KX Tree Shear is available with accessories that bring added value and versatility.

KX Tree Shear has been developed for mass production in order to deliver a quality product while maintaining a low price., – Kimmo says.

Tree shear designer Kimmo Tossavainen and the first KX-280 Tree Shear

Mass production of KX-210, KX-280 and KX-350 Tree Shears has started.

If you are interested in a new and cost-effective KX-280 Tree Shear, please contact us by calling +358 409 662 067 (Kimmo) or contact us using the contact form below.