KX-280 Tree Shear

The KX-280 is a new kind of energy wood grapple. The result of long experience and continuous development work is an easy-to-use, efficient and lightweight energy grapple that can be used for many different applications.

Thanks to the modular structure and the easily removable blade, logging, clearing and installation work are effortless. The optional mass handling device enables several successive cuts and thus brings efficiency to timber harvesting.

Suitable for:

  • For clearing field edges, plots and roadside.
  • Thinning.
  • Installation work
  • For removing problematic trees and branches.
  • For rescue and clearing work.

3490 €

(vat 0)

Technical information
Model KX-280
Weight 300 kg
Suitable for Excavators 5-15 t
Grapple opening 890 mm
Cutting Diameter Hard wood: 200 mmSoft wood: 280 mm
Max Cutting Diameter 280 mm
Recommended pressure 270-300 bar
Max allowed pressure 300 bar
Warranty 1 (+2) years



The collecting device speeds up the harvesting of energy wood. The collector keeps the cut wood in a grapple and allows up to 20 consecutive cuts.

KX-280 Energy wood grapple and collector

1990 €
(vat 0)

Technical information
Suitable for excavators 6-15t
Weight 98 kg
Warranty 12 months
KX-280 Energy wood grapple and collector


The removable extension extends the reach of the grapple.

KX 280 Extension

690 €
(vat 0)

Technical information
Suitable for excavators 1,5-5t ja 6-15t
Length 1 m
Weight 42 kg
Warranty 12 months
KX 280 Extension


Customer satisfaction is our driving force.

Our team has made sure that the KX Tree Shears are easy to set up and install.

We do our best to make sure that the use of our energy wood grapple is as profitable as possible for your company.

Our support team is here to guide you through early stages of using our grapple efficiently.

KX-280 Energy wood grapple and collector


“Yes, I’ve been very happy. KX-280 is fast, efficient and powerful.”

Rakennus Haikarainen, construction company

“KX-280 grapple saves time and money because you can collect more trees per cut, it’s also durable and powerful.”

Lahden Minikonepalvelu, machinery, deconstruction and construction company

…more efficiency and time saved because the opening of the grapple is bigger in KX-280 than other grapples.”

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