Matti Hokkanen from Multimek Oy and Kimmo Tossavainen from Jakite Oy entered into a co-operation agreement for the manufacture of the new type of KX Tree Shear.

  Over a decade of experiences in the field Kimmo & Matti join forces to create new KX Tree Shear

Kimmo Tossavainen has more than 14 years of experience in the design and manufacture of Tree Shears, in which he created and produced multiple different KX-Three Shears machines. Multimek Oy is a contract manufacturer of machines and equipment and their components. Multimek also has, more than a decade of experience in the large-scale manufacture of various brands of tree shears.

The company’s machinery and know-how are well suited to the manufacture of this type of product. The cooperation agreement enables a very cost-effective operating model where the focus is on an efficient manufacturing process, whereby the customer gets the best possible quality, at the best price.  

The result is the most advanced tree shear on the market 

Only the best raw materials, such as Durostat 400 and 500 consumables, have been used in the tree shear. In addition, the tree shear is slender, powerful and very effective in use. The tree shears are welded and machined after welding, so that no internal stresses remain in the tree shear, which consumes the tree shear unnecessarily, after which the tree shear are painted with two-component urethane paint. The KX Tree Shear is the most technologically advanced tree shear for excavators on the market.   

Contact information  

Multimek Oy Kukontie 3 42600 Multia CEO Matti Hokkanen 040 528 9768 Jakite Oy KX-Energiakourat Hiojankatu 5 44200 Suolahti CEO Kimmo Tossavainen 040 966 2067