The KX-280 and KX-350 energy wood grapple can be equipped with a collector.

Using a collector to cut energy wood speeds up the work, especially when cutting smaller wood, by 20-50%. This has led to a significant increase in the use of energy wood collectors.

In Central Finland, the current price for woodchips is around 22-24€/m3 when piled up on the roadside.

The cost of driving energy wood is around 5,5-7,5€/m3

In our own tests with the KX-280, we have achieved around 2.5-3.5m3/h without the collector and with a energy wood collecting grapple. 4,3m3/h j

Thus, without a collector, 22,5€ (price of wood on the roadside) – 6€ (driving) = 16,5 €/m3 * 3m3 (volume felled per hour) = 49,5€/h

KX-280 Energy Wood Grapple with collector 22,5€ (price of wood on the roadside) – 6€ (driving) = 16,5€/m3 X 4,3m3 (volume felled per hour) = 70,95€/h

The output per hour is therefore around €21.49 higher. This can be almost entirely counted as profit.

KX-280 Collector shut

It is important to remember, however, the energy wood grapple requires practice and requires 2* dual action hydraulics on the machine. We are happy to help you design the implementation of the hydraulics.

Steps to use the energy wood grapple collector:

  1. Move the grapple in the direction of the tree to be cut, with the collector closed and the grapple open.
  2. Cut the tree by squeezing the grapple.
  3. Once the tree is cut off, the collector is opened.
  4. Close the collector, open the grapple and move on to cut the next tree.
  5. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until the grapple blade can no longer cut or the bundle collected becomes unstable.
  6. Empty the grapple by opening the grapple and collector at the desired discharge point.
  7. Shorten trees on the ground using a grapple if they need to be shortened to facilitate the removal.

Kimmo Tossavainen, 23.09.2021